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The people of Peki and Hohoe in the Volta Region trace their ancestry to the same Gbi ethnic source.   During their westward migration out of Notsie in the Republic of Togo, some of the Gbi groups could not keep pace with others resulting in the eventual creation of two geographically separate settlements.  Other colonial factors including the 1956 Plebiscite further separated the Gbis of Peki and Hohoe.


In 1987, five sons of Hohoe and Peki decided there was need for reunification of the Gbi people and begun series of stakeholder consultations and engagements.  Their efforts were crowned when a people who had been separated for more 300 years reunited at a grand durbar of chiefs and people on December 2, 1995.  The re-united Peki and Hohoe is known as Gbidukor (i.e. the Gbi State).


To commemorate the reunification, Gbidukor established an annual festival.  Gbidukorza is unique because unlike other Ghanaian festivals, this is perhaps the only one that involves the physical movement of citizens of nine towns to become boarding guests of nine counterpart towns in another geographical location for four continuous days.  The nine-day festival is hosted on rotational basis between Peki and Hohoe; the 2019 edition is being hosted by Peki.  Aside having fun, the festival affords an opportunity to review community achievements during the year and plan for the next year.


One of the aims for Gbidukor reunification is to fast track the development of the 18 towns of Peki and Hohoe.  Through the support of development-minded partners, Gbidukor has achieved the following results:


  • Promoted unity among Gbis.  This foundation has helped in conflict resolution such that chieftaincy disputes are negligible. 
  • Established a rural bank at Hohoe to support indigenous business.
  • Planted more than 3,600 mahogany trees in Peki and Hohoe's 18 towns as part of its annual environmental protection program
  • The festival has promoted tourism and led to the establishment of more than 100 new hospitality centres since 1995.
  • Introduction of a booming taxi transport service at Peki
  • There is a booming arts and crafts business.  Currently 15 hectares of land has been provided by one of the 18 communities for the establishment of an integrated arts and crafts village at Peki.
  • Annual beautification of the towns (Hohoe was at one time adjudged Ghana’s cleanest town)


This website is dedicated to promoting the Gbi State and her Citizens.

  • Our Culture;
  • Our Tourist Attractions;
  • Our Investment Opportunites;
  • Our People; and
  • Our way of life.

We are proud of our heritage and we seek to share us with the world.



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