Togbega Gabusu VI (Dzigbe, Hohoe)

Togbega Gabusu VI is the Paramount Chief and Highest Traditional Authority in Gbi Traditional Area - comprising Hohoe and 10 other towns in the Volta Region of Ghana.


On 25th May 1989, the people of Gbi enstooled a young and energetic Teacher by profession, known in private life as Eli Billy Bright Kormla Kumadie who hailed from the Royal Kadrake Gate; one of the three Gates of The Royal Tokoni Clan of Gbi-Hohoe, under the stool name Togbega Gabusu VI, as the Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional Area and President of the Gbi Traditional Council. The Gbi Traditional Area is commonly known as the Hohoe Area and referred to sometimes as Gbi Dzigbe or Gbi North (ref:


By the customary practices of the land, he also became the Divisional Chief of Gbi-Hohoe and the Chief of The Royal Torkoni Clan.


Togbega Gabusu VI was born on June 20, 1950, to Gustav Koku Kumadie of Gbi-Hohoe and Dorothea Kpegah of Gbi-Bla (ref:


Togbega Gabusu VI has held various positions such as the:

  1. Vice-President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs
  2. President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs


He was also a Member of the National House of Chiefs.


Togbega Gabusu VI has also served on a number of Boards of Institutions in Ghana.


During his tenure of office as Vice President of Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Gabusu VI proposed the use of "Togbega" to replace "Togbe" for the salutation of Paramount Chiefs, to distinguish them from Divisional Chiefs (ref:


Togbega Gabusu VI grew up among nine siblings of which he was the only son. He is married with seven children - three daughters and four sons (ref:

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