Miss Gbi 2017

This shall continue this year with the winner championing the promotion of National Health Insurance among the aged within the Gbi State.

About The Miss Gbi Beauty Pageant


In coming together after some 300yrs, it became clear that efforts must be made to instill the spirit of being a citizen of Gbi not only in the elderly who are excited about finding their lost brethren but also among the youth who are the future leaders. To do this, it was agreed that the crowning of an annual youth queen dubbed MISS GBI must be made a core component of the annual Gbidukorza celebrations.


The Queen will represent the Youth at the apex body of the organization which is the National Steering Committee mandatorily for a period of one year.



  1. A platform designed to give young ladies the opportunity to speak on important issues of concern to Gbidukor and by extension Ghana;
  2. A Stage to showcase the different unique Cultures of Gbidukor;
  3. An opportunity and a platform to showcase the talent and intellect of our young ladies;
  4. A Platform to unveil and market our Fashion, Art and Culture first to ourselves and also to the rest of Ghana and the World;
  5. An opportunity to crown a Queen who will serve as an Ambassador for Gbidukor for an active period of a year, where she will engage in social work and continue to advocate for the unification of the two sides;
  6. A representative of Gbidukor with the mandate to promote the agenda of the National Steering Committee among the youth of the state and also to corporate Ghana;
  7. And an opportunity to address Gbidukor during the Gbidukorza that immediately precedes her crowing.



The MISS GBI final event is a night

  1. Of splendor, culture and the exhibition of the intellectual capabilities of young Delegates who necessarily must be able to speak Ewe;
  2. Where a participating delegate is crowned MISS GBI together with her 1st and 2nd Runner-ups who will form the core Project & Youth Advocate team to work with the Event Organizers and the National Steering Committee.


The final event must be preceded by a minimum of two auditions (One at the Gbi Traditional Area and the other at the Peki Traditional Area) to select finalists who must be camped for a minimum of two weeks (14 days) where each delegate is groomed to:

  1. Master the art of Public Speaking
  2. Practice Cohesion regardless of Cultural and Educational backgrounds
  3. Improve on essential interaction skills and basic etiquette


In addition to the above, the camping period provides the Delegates as well as the Production Team the opportunity to learn about Gbidukor, the issues confronting it and the Nation and the roles the youth can play to ensure that we move Gbidukor and Ghana forward in the right direction. This is important as every Delegate is expected, by virtue of participation, to act as an Ambassador for Gbidukor anywhere they find themselves for the rest of their lives.



The Queen and her two runner-ups, besides working with the National Steering Committee will engage the youth of the two groups that make up Gbidukor, focusing on encouraging the youth to take more interest in the development of Gbidukor and the country.


It is also expected that they will work closely with the Production team to work on the teams chosen project for the year. However, it is expected that whatever project is picked must be approved by the National Steering Committee and must promote Gbidukor, provide opportunities for youth development and promote nationalism.


Miss Gbi is therefore not a day’s event. Delegates who participate in the event are active Delegates for a year and are, as a matter of priority, trained to be Peace and Development Ambassadors for life.

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