Gbi Achievers

Welcome to the "GBI ACHIEVERS" page. This page is dedicated to celebrating Gbiviwo who have achieved in the following categories:

  1. PIONEER: Any citizen of the Gbi State who in essence is or among the group of first to reach great heights of achievements in their areas of specialty.
  2. INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVERS: Gbi citizen who have made outstanding contributions to development of our nation, and are doing creditably well also on the international scene.
  3. AWARD WINNERS: Gbi Citizens who have won awards (National and International)
  4. INNOVATORS: Gbi Citizens who have broken new grounds in any field of endeavor.

We have provided a simple form for you to nominate any Gbi Citizen you know who fits any of the categories indicated above. We entreat you to provide as much contact details of the person as possible as we will be seeking their approval before your submission is listed on the website.

Thank you once again for taken the initiative to be on this page. Please fill the form below to Nominate a "Gbi Achiever".

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