Agenda & Achievements



In a bid to make real the aims and objectives of Gbidukor, various committees have been constituted to work on executing the following main projects:


  1. Set up sustainable health policy for all
  2. Set up a community Bank
  3. Set up a sustainable Agro-Forestry Business
  4. Establish an Educational Endowment Fund



  1. The Gbi Rural bank has been established at Hohoe. It is being discussed that a branch is opened in Peki soon as we believe the bank will bring in more business opportunities.
  2. The Agro-Forestry business has taken off. A five member committee has been mobilizing all Gbis including students to plant trees through education and leadership example.


In 2002, the committee distributed 400 mahogany seedlines among all Gbi towns for planting by individuals.


In 2004, 400 seedlings of mahogany were distributed throughout the community and have been planted. The Arbor Day is launched yearly on every 1st Saturday of June. Prizes have been donated tor presentation to schools who grow wind-breaks best to protect their compounds.
Going forward;

  • A reconstituted Education Endowment Fund Committee will soon be put in place to ensure the smooth operation of the Fund.
  • In the area of creating jobs for the youth of the community and increasing the tourist flow into the community, efforts are underway to site a Craft village within the Gbinyigbe enclave.
  • Tourism is very potent in the area and people are encouraged to invest in restaurants, rest houses and hotels, petroleum stations and other income generating ventures in the sector to revamp the tourism industry in the community.

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