Press Release By The Gbi Traditional Council On The Journey Of His Royal Highness Togbega Gabusu Vi To The Ancestral Village

Togbe Wode IV Acting Paramount Chief of Gbi-Dzigbe (Hohoe),
Deiga Kwadzo Dei XII Paramount Chief of Gbi-Nyigbe (Peki),
Togbewo, Mamawo, Gbiviwo
The Clergy, Hon. MCE, The Divisional Commander Ghana Police Service, The Municipal Commander BNI, Heads of Institutions and Corporate Bodies, Heads of all Identifiable Groups and Communities living in Gbi Traditional Area, Our friends from the Media, ladies and gentlemen.

On 25th May 1989, the people of Gbi enstooled a young and energetic Teacher by profession, known in private life as Eli Billy Bright Kormla Kumadie who hailed from the Royal Kadrake Gate; one of the three Gates of The Royal Tokoni Clan of Gbi-Hohoe, under the stool name Togbega Gabusu VI, as the Paramount Chief of Gbi Traditional Area and President of the Gbi Traditional Council.


By the customary practices of the land, he also became the Divisional Chief of Gbi-Hohoe and the Chief of The Royal Torkoni Clan.


Togbega Gabusu VI during his Twenty-Nine (29) years reign, held various positions such as the Vice-President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs and a Member of the National House of Chiefs.


Togbega Gabusu VI had also served on a number of Boards of Institutions in Ghana.


Togbega Gabusu VI was taken ill a few months ago. He had quality medical treatment and attention both home and abroad but to no avail.


The time has now come for the Gbis to officially inform all and sundry that

His Royal Highness Togbega Gabusu VI
Torkoni fia
Gbi-Hohoe fia
Gbi Fiaga
Fiawo fe fia
Kpekpewu zu
Eno kome ko se, edo le kome ko gba

has gone to the village to join his ancestors.
A big tree has fallen!
Yes, indeed a big tree has fallen!


For now, the Gbi Traditional Council is declaring a State mourning for the departure of His Royal Highness Togbega Gabusu VI to the ancestral village, from today, Saturday 18th of January 2020 to 25th of January 2020.


To this effect, all flags in Gbi Dzigbe must fly at half-mast, during this period of mourning. We expect everyone to go about their daily activities with sobriety.


Furthermore, all Gbis (Gbiviwo) are expected to observe the next one (1) week, starting from today, in Black or Red cloths or uniforms.


A book of condolence shall be opened immediately at the Gbi Traditional Council  to the general public.


Togbe Wode IV, Divisional Chief of Gbi-Kpeme, assumes the position of Acting President of the Gbi Traditional Council until a new Paramount Chief is enstooled.


Funeral arrangements shall be communicated to the general public at a later date


Long live Gbi
Long live mother Ghana
Thank you.



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