Premier Jacked

At premier Homes, we also build to your taste and budget. We provide custom home design and construction services to meet your taste, style and budget. Whether your dream is a small house, multi-storey house or an office complex, Premier Homes can meet your needs and build you an exquisite home you can be proud of.


Premier Homes has a team of professionals in the architectural and engineering fields, skilled artisans and schedule materials to efficiently and effectively construct your future home that reflect your personality and style. Our homes are built on time and to budget, with minimum disruptions and maximum customer satisfaction


If your budget is to complete your home in stages, Premier Homes have developed the following milestones as a guide to the building process.


Base: The foundation of the building

Shell: The building structure up to roofing

Fittings: Electrical fittings, Plumbing fittings, ceiling, tiling, windows, doors etc.

Completion: Painting, electrical and plumbing fittings, kitchen and wardrobes etc.


Why not get a quote from us today. Call us on +233 501 409 742

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