Peki to get accident and trauma centre

Peki Blengo, Aug. 12, GNA – Deiga Kwadzo-Dei XII, Paramount Chief of Peki has launched the 2019 Gbidukorza festival and announced that proceeds from the festival would be used to construct an accident and trauma centre for the Peki Government Hospital.

He said it was a
"direct response to the increasing and worrying incidence of avoidable deaths" from road crashes on the Eastern Corridor Road.


Deiga Kwadzo-Dei XII
said the initiative was in line with this year’s theme for the festival, “Promoting Safety and Health- our shared responsibility,” initiated two years ago by the Chiefs and Queens of Peki in collaboration with the local Council of Churches and the Hospital’s administration.


He rallied all to
hold the planned project in high importance and support its swift realisation.


"I believe with
Gbidukor's support we can save many lives through the construction of the Peki Trauma and Accident Centre project," Deiga Kwadzo-Dei said, while commending a similar initiative last year where the festival earnings were committed to purchasing an ambulance for the Hohoe Government Hospital.


He said the annual
festival must always serve as a reminder of the unity of Gbi states, and called for togetherness in taking stock of achievements and in planning for the future.


The Paramount Chief
said the festival could be credited with helping maintain the unity that existed among Gbi States, leading to major strides in development including the establishment of a rural bank, and the growth of its arts and craft industries.


"I believe we can
still cover more grounds in our development efforts if we put ourselves to the task. I need not remind you that one of the key objectives for the formation of Gbidukor was to commit our talents, skills and other resources towards rapid development of Gbis in the two traditional areas.


"I am therefore
appealing to all citizens who are yet to come on board to do so," he said.


Mr Divine Akie,
Administrator, Peki Government Hospital, told the Ghana News Agency that the Emergency Unit of the Hospital lacked space, and that the Hospital’s corridors were occasionally turned into trauma centres during road crashes.


Mr Kingsley Freelove
Amu, Co- Chairman of the Gbidukor National Steering Committee, appealed to all Gbi towns to actively support the organisation of the festival, and help offer best cultural experience to visitors and tourists.


Mr Chris Donkor,
Event Manager for the festival, said health walks in Accra and Peki, inter schools quiz and inter town football gala had been scheduled for the month of November, whiles clean-up exercises, cooking, and cycling competitions had been set for December.


The grand durbar
would be on December 07 at Peki to be followed by a beauty pageant in the evening.


A thanksgiving
service follows on December 08, and would be trailed by a unity concert.




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