Men of Substance in Pekis' Traditional Cultural and Customary Practice and Usage

Certain peculiar factors set out some individuals as men of Substance in Peki.

Pekis cultural practices frown on men who live irresponsibly. Matured male adults who unfortunately do not have children and worst of all have never married before are classified as children. They are mocked at and given demeaning names,  (permit this vulgar and profane language)  koti krawa and others are thrown at this category of male adults. During social gathering they are not permited to speak.

The performance of customary marriage rites is a typical example. They are permited to be present at the rites but are denied the platform to participate in the traditional counselling segment of the marriage rites.

It is believed that they have not experience marital life with its associated turbulence and therefore do not posses any experience that can be imparted to those getting married.

After the gathering was served with the sweet soothing palm wine these hard to the core bachelors are not involved in the traditional counselling segment are not involved in the atsɛ sisi segment. Anyway it's the sole preserve of the tried and tested Elders who gave counselling to the newly married couples.

At the unfortunate demise of this category of men under the scope, they are buried in a hush manner like a child, same day and without any fanfare.

Men who unfortunately have children but have never married before are deemed as not responsible adults are frown on by society.

Cultural practices do not have room for men who by one reason or the other stay under the shelter of their wives. Mocking and nicknames are their lot. Salome and others can be heard in reference to the unfortunate male adult finding solace in the wifes'  house.

Eɖo afe ɖo agble in Peki Customary Practice and Usage refers to men of Substance. To be classified as such you must be a personality who lived above reproach. A personality whose intergrity cannot be questioned. A responsible personality who through thick and thin does not neglect his duty to his family (nucleus and extended).

Men of Substance are real patriots of the land. They are proud of their native land and through words and action strive hard to nourish and sustain it.

Cultural practices created room for their recognition even during their death.

Drums sound to announce their demise immediately the news spreads  out. Rams are slaughtered at various stages of the mourning of the fall of such a great son/personality amidst firing of musketry.

Tafa Rituals amidst firing of musketry bids that great son / man of Substance smooth and peaceful passage to the land of his ancestors.

Source: Tɔgbe Appiah Kwadzo VI

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