Gbidukor Za 2018 launched in Hohoe

Gbidukor Za, a celebration of unity among the Gbis hailing mainly from Gbi Nyigbe (Peki) and Gbi Dzigbe (Hohoe) has been launched in Hohoe where this year’s celebration will be taking place.

Gbidukor Za started with a historic reunion of Gbis from all walks of life in December 1995 in Hohoe after more than 300 years of separation due to the migration from Notsie and later the interplay of colonial and Geographical factors.

This reunion saw the birth of a united Gbi Dukor (Gbi State).

The Chiefs of Hoehoe and Peki, Togbega Gabusu VI and Deiga Kwadzo Dei XI of blessed memory instituted the celebration to provide the GBI State the opportunity each year to take stock of its achievements and plan for the future in unity.

Gbidukor Za is among the celebrations in Ghana which involves the movement of people from one town to another to camp for a number of days to celebrate.

This year’s celebration which is the 23rd is scheduled from Friday 7th to Tuesday 11th of December 2018 under the theme “Consolidating two decades of Gbidukor unity for accelerated development.”

Togbe Keh XII, chief of Gbi Wegbe who represented the paramount chief of Hohoe Togbega Gabusu the VI at the launch entreated natives “not to see the celebration as just another platform for merrymaking involving drinking, eating, dancing and promiscuous living as the case has been for some youth in the past.”

He encouraged them to “regularly come home, learn and experience the rich culture that makes the Gbis a unique people who believe in unity and love for one another and the community.”


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