FREE NHIS Registration for Children in Gbidzigbe

As part of activities lined up for the current Miss Gbi, Miss Florence Makafui Alavi, there will be free National Health Insurance registration for Children in the Hohoe Municipality on Saturday, 13th July, 2019. This event, which is in collaboration with Hohoe’s leading Social Networking Group, 2H-City Connect, will be held at the R.C. Park in Gbi Wegbe from 9:00am to 6:00pm. This is in fulfillment of the groups promise during the build-up to the 2018 Gbidukorza celebrations to raise funds to support the winner of the 2018 Miss Gbi Beauty pageant to register 1000 Children onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in the Gbi State.

Miss Florence Makafui Alavi, a Teacher by Profession, beat 8 other delegates when she emerged winner at the 2018 Miss Gbi Beauty Pageant held at the Franco Hall in Hohoe on 9th December, 2018. Since winning the coveted crown, Miss Alavi has donated goodies to the children at the Hohoe school for the deaf, Gbi special school and The Special School at Kpando. She also collaborated with the Hohoe Municipal Hospital to organize Breast Cancer Awareness Education and Screening for the women in the Hohoe Municipality.


Miss Alavi will continue her work as Miss Gbi2018 on Saturday, 13th July, 2018 when she spearheads the registration of about 500 Children onto the National Health Insurance Scheme in the Hohoe Municipality. The exercise will be held in Gbi Wegbe from 9:00am to 6:00pm. The focus will be on children who have never been registered onto the National Health Insurance Scheme.


Speaking in an interview, Miss Alavi, noted that "I am highly excited for the opportunity given me as Miss Gbi to impact this and future generations through my work and I am encouraging parents and guardians within the Hohoe Municipal towns of Gbi Godenu, Gbi Wegbe & its sub-towns, Gbi Kledjo, Gbi Atabu, Gbi Kpoeta, Gbi Hohoe, Gbi Abansi, Gbi Kpeme and Gbi Bla, whose children/wards are yet to be registered onto the Scheme to come with them on the said day to support me get the children registered".


The President of 2H City Connect, Mr. Flint Agbemor on his part said the group decided to support the project because they believe that children are only able to learn and grow well when they are healthy. He also said " as a group we are mindful of the economic challenges facing parents within the Municipality and the Gbi State for that matter for which most of them are unable, by themselves, to register their Children onto the scheme. However, recognizing that the Children are the Future of Gbidukor and the nation as a whole, 2H City Connect feels obliged to contribute the little we can with the support of other stakeholders to ensure that no child within the Gbi State is denied basic health care because of their parents inability to pay the bills".


Asked if the registration will only be in the Hohoe area, the President responded in the negative. He explained that Gbidukor is made of the Gbi’s from the Hohoe Municipality and the Peki’s. Therefore, the campaign is to raise funds to register 500 Children from the Gbi Communities in the Hohoe Municipality and 500 from the Peki Traditional Area.


The Miss Gbi title is conferred at the annual Gbidukorza (Festival of Gbidukor), a re-unification festival celebrated by the Gbi people in 18 townships spread over two geographical areas namely, Peki and Hohoe in the Volta Region. The Union if these two groups is what is called Gbidukor (Gbi State).

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