Agbota mɛbua ɖe tsii me oo

The search party that left Gbidzigbe in search of the rear guard of the Gbis, went through torrid and demandig situations in their quest in  establishing their absolute control over their settlement.

Circumstances beyond their control compelled them to engage in tribal wars. The notable wars were the Akwamu/Peki war , the Peki/Ashanti War and the Tavieƒe war.

These wars informed the adoption of what currently became Peki State Emblem / Logo.

This Logo is uniquely structured. It has the head of a ram protruding from from a pot firmly position on a heath with fire wood as the source of fire.

It depicts the high esteem Pekis held their land.  Agbota mɛbua ɖe tsii me oo, seeks to send the MESSAGE that Peki cannot be subdued despite daunting challenges. No matter the span of time it is cooked , it cannot diminish in a pot of soup.

The state colour of Peki is deep blue or. blusii . Its State god is the revered deity, ŋuve, hosted by Peki Avetile.

Source: Tɔgbe Appiah Kwadzo VI

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